John Harrold on Dr. Inman’s Educare Views

The Educare Institute ( ) uses the word EDUCARE in its Latin root form, “e” and “ducare”. Together, “e-ducare” means to “pull out” or “to lead fourth”. Hence the word “educare” is used to communicate the teaching method through which children and adults are encouraged to “think” and “draw out” information from within, thus making the learning experience personalized. Dr. Marianne E. Inman describes such a system of educare in Chapter 4, Life-Span Learning — A Values-Drive System, in LEARN OR DIE: 21st Community Learning, and in her April 9, 2015 communications to John Harrold:

If as educators we “draw out” the best that is within those with whom we come into contact, then perhaps thoes following any and all professions are/can be educators… what a lovely thought! (Marianne)

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